Self-defense workshop

On the 13 January, the incredible team of women of Myna became even stronger as they attended a master class training of self-defense. From Govandi they took the metro,  most of them for the first time, to the Women’s self defense center in Andheri.

Supported and endorsed by Shri Aaditya Thauleray and Akshay Kumar the center is free of cost for all women. The coaches with whom we organized the session are incredibly kind and devoted to their cause. We were all very excited to this initiative and new partnership.

The goal was for the women of Myna to become more conscious about their own body and attitude, to learn the importance of self-confidence and of course techniques to defend themselves in  a situation of distress or attack. The coaches explained how the way one walks, the attention one pays to surroundings and the capacity to scream can be deal breakers to avoid or react to situations of violence. After showing the different points of pressure (weak links) of the human anatomy, they taught the women a series of movements to protect themselves and attack the possible predator.

The staff listened attentively to all the explanations. If they were a little bit shy at the first in the end they were correctly imitating the moves working together to understand them. They became more conscious of their own strength and above all had a lot of fun!

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