Sangita’s Story

“As I was growing up, my mother would always tell me that my father would be coming soon, that he has just gone out of town. I believed her without a doubt. My mother wanted to shield me from any pain, but, eventually, I learned that he had passed away when I was very young.

This was a traumatic period in my life. I continued my seventh standard education in a hostel. My teacher told me that my mom was in the hospital, and she took me to the hospital. My only source of support, my mother, passed away that day. After her death, I couldn’t compose myself. I took 14 days off from school because of this, and I began living with my Grandma.

My mother also appeared a number of times in my dreams and encouraged me that I have the capacity to do anything. She told me, ‘As much as you can do, continue to do it.’ Her words inspired me to tell myself that I can do anything, and I asked myself, ‘How can I stay positive?’

Trying to stay positive, I kept studying through 7th standard in a Boarding School. But then, I got into a fight with my sister and she told me to leave the hostel. So, I wanted to continue my studies, so I kept traveling from home to school, even though it was a long journey.

When it came time for exams, because of the long commute, I slept through my exams. I rushed to the school, and I begged the teacher to let me take my exams later on, but they didn’t agree.

The women who lifted my spirits at the right moment, were the ladies wearing maroon coloured coats. I got introduced to Myna Mahila Foundation through the surveys for Sponsor a Girl.

The staff from Myna Mahila asked me to come to the Sponsor A Girl event, and they gave a 3-month kit to me. They asked if I wanted to help selling pads, and I said ‘Yeah, I’ll try it out once, I think it will be a good experience.’”

Today, Sangita and her sister stay with their grandmother, who has been supporting the aspirations of these young girls. Sangita wishes to be a part of a change maker for the society.

“Taking the positive path my mother showed me in my dreams, I began my Myna Journey.”

Sangita and her Grandma

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