Chandrakala receiving the ‘Sponsor A Girl’ Menstrual Hygiene Kit

“I was born into a poor family. My parents used to work and struggle to make ends meet. Initially when I was younger I felt growing up and working was all I ever wanted to do, but I never knew a ‘Rag Picker’ was all I would get to do.


I grew up believing our family was cursed and I would never get a right direction in life. In my walk of life, there came a time when my menstrual cycle began. ‘Use this cloth, wash it after use and dry it under your bed’- were the instructions I religiously followed until I got to know about the ‘Sponsor A Girl’ sessions conducted by Myna. 


On attending the session I felt the warm and caring attitude by the staff members at Myna. I got to know about my periods in detail. Ever since Myna, learnt about my financial conditions, they have been supporting me by providing me with Myna pads and helping me cope with life. The Myna pads are really soft and comfortable, they are of better quality than the one’s available at the medical shops. My friends told me how they used to get a rash due to the plastic coated pads from the medicals, I was lucky to get the cotton soft Myna pads. 


Although, I work as a ‘Rag Picker’, there is never a time when I pass by the Myna office and don’t receive a ‘Hello, Chanda..’ or ‘How are you?..’ there has always been warm greetings and family feelings shared with me.”


Today Chandrakala, lives with her parents who due to age and other complications are unable to work. Her siblings are married and have moved out. She is the only earning member of her family and is grateful to Myna for all the support.


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