Vyomesh talks about periods

"Nobody really talks about periods. Everybody knows what periods are, why it happens and how it happens but nobody really speaks up about it. Talking about periods is considered to be somewhat of a “taboo” in India. The reason I want to bring about a change and try to educate people on menstrual health is … Continue reading Vyomesh talks about periods

Amrita is a Change Maker

"'Aunty Red', 'Aunt Flo', 'Code Red', 'Leak Week', just a few of the many names used to describe menstruation. Why are we ashamed of talking about a natural biological process? Stigma around menstruation results in exclusion and discrimination of women/girls. In India, these taboos keep women and girls from going to school, touching water, cooking, … Continue reading Amrita is a Change Maker

How Menstrual Hygiene Impacts Women’s Health and Rights

An insight into the community As part of a university project, I conducted a research on the impact of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) on girls and women’s health and rights. Focusing on the case-study of the rehabilitated slum of Natwar Parekh Compound, where Myna Mahila is based, I had the opportunity to conduct surveys and … Continue reading How Menstrual Hygiene Impacts Women’s Health and Rights